24/7 Hotel Guest Tech Support.

Where we provide Brand Compliant Wireless Internet Access Solutions.

wire2wifi℠, Powered by SWAT Business Consulting LLC. provides 24/7 Hotel Guest Tech Support. Our fully supported networks allow you to provide your Hotel & Resort customers with Wi-Fi access that is fast, reliable and, most importantly, easy to use.

wire2wifi℠ provides the most advanced 802.11 Wi-Fi and Wired networking solutions for high-speed Internet access to hotel guests, convention center exhibitors, corporate apartment residents, special event participants and other venues where Internet access is desired.

Fast and sure means of communication can give you the edge in today's cut-throat business environment. Over the years there has been all round development in communication technologies and phenomenal growth has taken place in this field. Today's communication is multimedia enabled - such as Voice, Data and Video communication.

At wire2wifi℠, we believe we have the solution that meets all requirements of your business. Our exclusive technology works great in any situation and it makes the impossible possible for our clients who thought that large area wireless access was unaffordable. This solution works anywhere in any situation from a single station cybercafe to a large apartment complex or hotel or RV campground and it does it with plug and play simplicity.

So what are you looking for? Does you hotel's Wireless network need a boost? Are you looking for quality Wireless Tech Support? Well, look no further. We have the experience and equipment necessary to get your hotel, business, apartment complex, hospital, or any other facility up and running on a quality and reliable hard-wired and/or Wireless network.